Monday Morning Memo/Grade Level Chat

  • Picnic Notes
    Layout coming (volunteers & stations)
    Payments and permission slips accepted until 5/9
    Park Layout and Station duties will be sent after school (Including volunteer assignments)
    SRO Scenario – Information
  • Tablet Pickup Process
    Due to our field trip the process will have to be moved up to 4th Block
    Students will go back to 1st Block for the last 45 minutes of 4th Block (Tablet Team will assist w/check in process)
    Please refer to the email from Megan Putnam detailing the check in process
    If students do not have their tablets today they are to bring them
  • Awards Day/Certificates
    Certificates are available in the front office
    Wednesday 5/10 will be our Awards Day – In the Cafeteria
    Schedule – Coyotes (9:30a – 10:15a)
    – Silver Spurs (1:45p – 2:30p)
    – Wranglers (2:35p – 3:05p)
    – Pioneers (3:10p – 3:40p)
  • Locker Clean Out Day 5/10
    Schedule  – Pioneers (9:30a – 10:30a)
    – Wranglers (1:30p – 2:00p)
    – Silver Spurs (2:35p – 3:05p)
    – Coyotes (3:10p – 3:40p)

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