Wednesday Morning Memo

  • Send all remaining No Show (NS) student schedules to me during planning.
  • Let’s attempt to curtail any bathroom visits during our morning transition on to the hall. Once first block officially begins then we can begin to allow students to frequent the restroom.
  • Thank you for your assistance with the first Encore transition. Your presence has been duly noted by the students, staff, and admin.
  • Remember that our first Fire Drill is this Friday. Let’s be proactive in preparing our students for this event.
  • I will place a “yellow” folder in your boxes to carry with you during the Fire Drill. Please print all of your class rosters and place them inside your yellow folder. The yellow folder will also include a slice of red and green construction paper. Administration will be looking for these folders during our Fire Drill on Friday.
  • Veteran teammates please update/inform our new teammates or subs of the Fire Drill procedures on your team. Thanks.
  • Minor/major incident forms were emailed for future use. Have we started making our positive phone calls?
  •  Green Cowboy Coupons will be delivered on Friday.



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