7th Grade Weekly Memo

Reoccurring Information

  • Please refrain from sending students to the bathroom before 1st Core begins.
  • Effective 9.28.15  ALL student book bags are required to be in their lockers. Drawstring bags containing P.E. materials are the only bags permitted in classrooms.
  • Update class rosters for Fire or Lockdown Drills
  • In the event that you need to run off campus please be sure to notify Ms. Douglas and me before leaving.
  • PowerSchool needs to be updated weekly
  • If you need coverage for a classroom break please call me or a teammate to supervise your class. Leaving students unsupervised in a classroom is a dangerous professional practice that we cannot continue.
  • Ms. Douglas has made mention about the number of unsupervised students sitting or standing outside of our classrooms. Going forward if a student needs a place to work on an assignment, consult a team member and send the student to their class. In the case you need to speak with a student outside your class please do so in a timely manner and transition the student back into class.
  • Starting 3/7/16 – All students are to remain off the hall in the morning. (We are experiencing a high number of students wandering the hall aimlessly)  All 7th Grade Tutoring students must produce a pass to gain access to the hallway. Thank you for your support.


New Information

  • Final Observations will continue this week.
  • 7th Grade Student Learning Conditions Survey – (4.12.16 – 4.29.16)
    We will complete this survey each day in first block. See the schedule below. Ms. Dumas and I will be present to help facilitate the survey. It should only take 20 min.
    Tues. (Rees & Keith) – Rees done
    Weds. (Gilmore & Yates) – Done
    Thurs. (Pupillo & Hayworth) – Done
    Fri.  (Zanni & Burns) – Zanni Done
    Mon. (Edwards & Isley) – We will begin again after Post Assessments
    Tues. (Hailey & James) – We will begin again after Post Assessments
    Weds. (Gilchrist) – We will begin again after Post Assessments
  • This week my walk-throughs will focus again on the Gradual Release portion “WE” Activities. http://www.sjboces.org/doc/Gifted/GradualReleaseResponsibilityJan08.pdf
  • Girls are in P.E. –Boys shouldn’t have drawstring bags
  • GCS Safe Schools Training – Please be sure your trainings are caught up

give up

Calendar Events

  • Baseball/Softball @ Northwest Middle – 4.25.16
  • Boot Camp Lesson Plan Deadline – 4.26.16
  • Track vs. Northeast – 4.26.16
  • Teacher Content Meetings – 4.26.16
  • Early Release Day – 4.27.16
  • Track vs. Jamestown – 4.28.16
  • No PLC (Boot Camp Planning) – 4.28.16
  • EOG Boot Camp – 5.2.16 – 5.20.16
  • Interims Go Home – 5.4.16
  • NC Finals begin 5.27.16


Growth Moments

Personalized Reflection

End of Lesson Assessments

Strategy for student reflection

Crafting Quality Student Collaboration


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