7th Grade Weekly Memo

Reoccurring Information

  • Please refrain from sending students to the bathroom before 1st Core begins.
  • Effective 9.28.15  ALL student book bags are required to be in their lockers. Drawstring bags containing P.E. materials are the only bags permitted in classrooms.
  • Update class rosters for Fire or Lockdown Drills
  • In the event that you need to run off campus please be sure to notify Ms. Douglas and me before leaving.
  • PowerSchool needs to be updated weekly
  • If you need coverage for a classroom break please call me or a teammate to supervise your class. Leaving students unsupervised in a classroom is a dangerous professional practice that we cannot continue.
  • Ms. Douglas has made mention about the number of unsupervised students sitting or standing outside of our classrooms. Going forward if a student needs a place to work on an assignment, consult a team member and send the student to their class. In the case you need to speak with a student outside your class please do so in a timely manner and transition the student back into class.
  • Starting 3/7/16 – All students are to remain off the hall in the morning. (We are experiencing a high number of students wandering the hall aimlessly)  All 7th Grade Tutoring students must produce a pass to gain access to the hallway. Thank you for your support.

New Information

  • Hang in there folks. We are almost there! Only one more weekly memo for the year.
  • It is my earnest intention to complete all post conferences by Thursday of this week.
  • I’ll begin summative evaluations on Friday
  • Girls are in P.E. –Boys shouldn’t have drawstring bags/ book bags
  • GCS Safe Schools Training – Please be sure all your trainings are complete before the summer.
  • During this time of the year behavior documentation is critical. Please be sure you are documenting all interventions.
  • Revisit your dismissal procedures with your classes. All classes should exit with their teacher.
  • Remember today OUR schedule will be different than the one emailed to you. We are seeing cores 1 & 2 today.
  • Let’s discuss the exact date each team wants to begin the Locker Exit Process (I’ll visit with each team to discuss their plans)
  • Please be intentional about your instructional plans leading up to the final days of school. Movies shown in your classes must have a curricular tie in and demonstate the evidence of planning. If you are unsure whether one of your instructional activities meets the above criteria please email me or Ms. Douglas for approval.


Upcoming Dates

  • June 2nd – 7th Grade Finishes Testing
  • June 3rd – 8th Grade Formal
  • June 6th – 9th – Testing Make Ups
  • June 10th – Last Day for Students
  • June 13 & 14th – Optional Teacher Workdays
  • June 14 – End of Year Checklist Due




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